Trail Sisters Race Calendar

Provide women the race day they deserve!

The Trail Sisters Race Calendar is here to help races who are actively working toward equality and opportunity for women. It’s also for races that need help understanding what they can do to offer a more inclusive race. Learn about the Trail Sisters Approved Badge.

Additionally the race calendar is built by our community. Anyone can add a race listing. This helps our goal of offering the most complete and up-to-date trail race calendar. Community Members – Add a Race.

If you are a Race Director, you can Add or Update your Race Listing. (100% Free) You can then commit to making your race Trail Sisters Approved (100% Free) & Highlight your Listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trail Sisters created a race calendar because many of our readers are interested in racing, and it was important to us to provide them with a full and complete listing of what is offered. We also created the calendar so that we could make a push Trail Sisters Approved races. It’s very important us (and should be to you) to have equal opportunities and participation standards at any and all race events.

We have taken special care to make this calendar work great on Mobile and Desktop devices. We also manually review all data, doing our best to keep things up to date! :), It also highlights races actively creating an equal race experience for both its male and female participants.

Visit our Trail Sisters Approved page to learn more about the program.

Click on the Add a Race drop down in the navigation bar, or click Community Submissions, or Race Director Submissions depending on your affiliation.

All submissions are reviewed by our in-house moderator to make sure everything is in order and so we don’t end up with duplicates or events with bad links and info. 

If you have enhanced your event you will receive an email sometime shortly following the completion of this years event. It will ask you to submit the new date for the now upcoming event the following year! We use the same “post” year after year. Making the listing static helps keep things clean & simple. 

For now, Contact Us if you are interested in advertising on Trail Sisters Race Calendar. We will launch a program specific for these inquiries soon. 

Well, that’s the plan. A good starting point is by becoming Trail Sisters Approved, and then promoting your race listing or by doing an ad. Trail Sisters has the largest female trail running audience and traffic on the web. 

Aww shucks! Thank you! Your race can support Trail Sisters by providing a donation or by joining as a Patreon

You can also purchase Trail Sisters gear to provide as giveaways or prizes for your participants. 

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