50k #3 on Chemo is in the Books

By: Michele Cassone

50k #3 on chemo is in the books. This was a very emotional run for me. I went in thinking I would not make the cut off, my goal was to just enjoy the woods and friendships . This is a loop course climbing out of the canyon on loop 2 I got very light headed and dizzy. I told the aid at the top and let him know I would make a decision to stop at the aid station about 3 miles away. I had a coke added vaseline to a blister on my foot then set out to do a runnable 3ish miles loop back. I felt pretty good again.

Climbing back up out of the canyon for loop 3 I felt awesome. One of the RD’s ran sweeping the course with me for a few miles, which let us catch up on each other’s lives. Mile 28 my legs started to get tired just in time to climb what is known as “curse word hill ” 1/2 mile as steep as can be and road. Everyone walks this hill. I made it to the top and the RD informed me I had 42 minutes to get back down the canyon to the finish.

I took off running as hard as I could the trail was 2.5 miles of switch backs with lots of rocks and roots completely covered by leaves. This is now on Oscar Blues private property so no foot traffic at all. I can hear the music and all the yee haw’s going on the entire time. A music festival is happening down at the start/finish.

As I came around the curve everyone was calling and cheering for me. Big hugs were given as I crossed the finish line at 9:45. This picture and the look on my face says it all.
The other RD told me he gave my DFL robe to this man who ran to honor his son who had just died and if I wanted he would order me one, I have one from 2 years ago so I was totally happy with this man getting it. Awards were given out and I received the “Most Awesome” award.
It was a fantastic day RSD#746 active cancer treatment day #294.

Michele Cassone

I am part of the leadership circle of the Trail Sisters Asheville. I have been running for 6 years and have now completed 7 -50k’s and a 50 mile finish at a timed race. I have been actively running on trails for almost 4 years. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer January 11, 2019, this is a very aggressive cancer, about 15% diagnosed with BC get it. Since January I have gone through 20 weeks of infusion chemotherapy, 2 surgeries, 30 rounds of radiation and I am now on week 4 of 18 of a chemo drug.

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