Yes Skunk Ape Night Run

July 22, 2023
Dade City, Florida

Welcome to the Skunk Ape Night Run out in the Green Swamp! Make sure to look on Facebook and Instagram for race updates and news… and memes.

 It’s always a blast every single year!

Distance: 30k, this is very much so an old schoolish race.

Start Time: 7PM!!

Post-Race Pot Luck Party:
For a total price of $15 and a Pot Luck… Boom!! Let’s add to the fun and share some of our favorite foods with each other. Bring something fresh like a a fruit dish, pasta salad, or a raw vegetable side dish for some variety… Lasagna, baked chicken wings, casserole, or mashed potatoes. Cookies, Brownies, Fudge, or Banana Bread…. Bring your families favorite recipe or that secret craving you always have after a race. That will make a lot of people happy.

We all love to eat, drink, and “recover”. And after running a 30k, you will be hungry, hangry, and so will the volunteers! Last events Post-Race Potluck Party was a blast!

Aid Stations: Will be every 4 to 6 miles. All Aid Stations are unstaffed…. But oooooo yeah, so full of goodies!!!

Aid Stations will be stocked with Soda, Pickles, Gummy Bears or Worm..idk one of those, Chips, M & Ms, PB & J,, Cookies, Produce, some brand of powder electro’s.

We will also provide band-aids and women hygiene products in a plastic box at all the Aid Stations.

Finish Line: We will have burgers, brownies, snacky snacks, and hot dogs! Potluck is totally optional at this one!

Drop Bags: There will be one drop bag zone at Aid Station Three!

Cutoffs: NONE, Zero, No Time Cut-Offs! This is your race at YOUR PACE! This is a come one, come all atmosphere. I always aim to keep my races a special place that everyone can come out and get that finish line experience that maybe they couldn’t otherwise. It’s YOUR race and whenever you finish… I’m still going to there for you!

Overall Awards: We will be working with Wicked Skins for the Top Four men and women for both the 30k and 60k races!! 

Finishers: HATS!!!!!! This year we’ve got Skunk Ape’s Revenge Hats!!!! Also! a bunch of those fun stickers!! Plus those custom bibs!

The Course:
You’ll be starting as the sun starts to make its way down to complete darkness. It is beautiful!!

This is a classic Florida race that covers almost all of the terrains Florida has to offer. From pasture lanes, mug, dirt roads, single track trails on the Florida Trail, some hills, to sugar sand, fire berms, and more!

You’ll be listening to the drone of frogs from all over, hoots from the owls, calls from birds, buzzing of bugs, and the yips of coyotes in the distance. Part of that sound and also silence, will make you wonder if “just that sound” was from something else… perhaps, the Skunk Ape.

There are not any race reports for this race! If you have ran it, please consider submitting one. :)

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