Yes The Shippey Endurance Runs

January 13, 2024
High Ridge, Missouri
20M, 40M, 100K, 100M

We are a newer event which focuses on building trail community using a runner/crew friendly course setup. We pride ourselves on runners coming to us as registrants and leaving as family due to the fact our aid stations allow for seeing runners many times.

Our event is held on private property which only our event gets to use aside from the local governing groups of the property.

Nestled quietly in the rolling wooded hills just 20 mins west on Interstate 44 of Greater St. Louis lies the wonders of the Beaumont Scout Reservation. Here we invite you to partake in a first-hand experience of these “rolling” hills where, until 2019 the general public had not been allowed to crush the tough and beautiful trail systems within.

This is STL’s Original 100-mile trail ultra!! The Shippey will rotate directions each year going CW odd years & CCW even years. You be the judge which way is easier by running both ways!

The Shippey Endurance Runs so rightly named based on the trail color system used by the Scouts, after Merle Shippey a well-respected cog in the scouting community. The Shippey takes you through all aspects of this magnificent wonder by creating an extremely runner, crew and aide friendly race.

How does setting up camp indoors 100 yds from the Start-Finish line and the ease of seeing your runner or your crew every 3-5.3 miles sound? Save the gas money as there is no need to chase runners over miles of back roads. The Shippey is minutes from amenities, allowing runners and their crews the ease of re-supply and convenience nearby!!

Come prepared for cold temps but also know that it could be 70 degrees. Weather in St. Louis can flip on a dime!
If you want to run on an amazing trail system that will only be open to the public during this event….well, come run with us at The Shippey Endurance Runs!
P.S. the Boy Scout’s didn’t believe in switchbacks when they built these trails! You have been properly warned!!

There are not any race reports for this race! If you have ran it, please consider submitting one. :)

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