Yes The Ultimate Unicorn- 24 Hour Challenge

October 22, 2021
Provo, Utah
12H, 24H

Race Description
That’s right! This is a 24 hour race on a 3-4 mile loop. Runners will start at 11:59 pm on October 22nd and will have until 11: 59 pm on October 23rd to get as many miles as they can by repeating the same loop. Runners can run as fast or as slow as they need to, even take naps! We will have a base camp/start/finish with lots of treats and food to take care of all the runners. Some might see this as a daunting endeavor, but this is actually a beautiful course that will allow people to push their limits. All participants will receive a finisher award who complete 26.3 miles or more. The top male and female runners with the most mileage will be dubbed THE ULTIMATE UNICORNS.

Schedule of Events
8pm- Event Set Up.
9pm-Athlete Check In
11:59pm (Ok MIDNIGHT)- Both Races START!!
12:00 am- Typical aid station food provided as well as breakfast themed food will be served.
11 am- End of Breakfast themed food. Typical aid station food and Lunch themed food will be served.
5 pm- End of Lunch themed food. Dinner/Soup will be served for evening hours.
11:40pm- CUTOFF Runners must start their last loop. All runners who come in AFTER 11:40pm will not be allowed to continue on.
11:59pm- END OF RACE. Runners who come in after midnight will be deducted 1 mile from their total mileage for every 10 minutes past midnight. This will be the official race mileage deduction regulation.

Base Camp/Support Crews/Rules
Base Camp- The location where runners begin their 24 hour journey. Each loop will bring runners back to base camp. There will be food, water, bathrooms, heaters (no fires), music, and personal drop bags for runners to have full access to. If runners anticipate sleeping during the 24 hours, participants must provide their own sleeping provisions.

Support crews will have limitations on base camp access due to COVID-19 and our efforts to keep everyone safe. Support crews may attend to their runner outside the pavilion area. PACERS- Athletes in the 24 hour challenge will be allowed ONE pacer. No pacers for the 12 hour race. If runners choose to end their race early, we will record the final mileage before the athlete officially withdraws from the race.

Drop bags are allowed and recommended. If athletes have special dietary needs, please reach out to [email protected] We will try our best to provide a wide variety of food, supplements, etc but may not be able to meet some dietary needs.

Leadville Race Series

There are not any race reports for this race! If you have ran it, please consider submitting one. :)

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