Yes Tiger Claw

May 14, 2022
Issaquah, Washington
25M, 50M
Tiger Claw

If you’re looking for a solidly difficult, early-year ass-kicking, this is it. Tiger Mountain, with its many summits, packs a brutal one-two punch – steep uphills followed by focused downhills. 22 miles with nearly 8200 feet of elevation gain on rugged Pacific Northwest terrain is a stout effort for even the most seasoned of trail runners. Tiger Claw is a unique challenge that puts you in control. It’s simple: there are three different climbs, each of varying length and difficulty, and one common descent. You get to pick the order in which you complete the loops. On each climb and descent, you will use our unique E-Punch timing system to track your routes and splits. Successfully complete each of the 3 different loops, return to the finish and you will have tamed The Tiger!


Taming the Tiger (Claw)

Tiger Claw

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